My photos are inspired by travel and nature and transforming them into wall art. My style is eclectic. I create unique art by blending original photography with digital art on a small scale. I spend countless hours meticulously editing photos until I'm fully satisfied with the results. In many ways, I'm a perfectionist:)

I studied Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Business Management. My eyes have always been on Home Decorating and I also finished an Associates Degree in Home Interior Designing. Although I did not pursue an Interior Decorating Career, I am glad to bring art to your home through photography and digital art. I also enjoy presenting clients with mock-ups for ideas for their home, office or studio.

I started my own brand, By:Zo® Art 2 years ago. My goal is to blend
my love of photography with visual art storytelling to create memorable and timeless statement piece for your home. My collections also includes Mugs with unique designs.

Beyond my artistic pursuits, I have a deep passion for cooking. There's nothing I enjoy more than experimenting in the kitchen and sharing delicious homemade meals.

Above all, I'm honored to be a wife and a mom. These roles bring me immense joy and fulfillment. They inspire me to keep pursuing my creative passions and living life to the fullest.

Thank you for stopping by my Shopify store - I hope you find something that speaks to you!