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I started selling handcrafted Growth Charts on Etsy in 2015 but had to pause shortly after starting as my mom duties were too much.  The kids are getting older and now I am opening the shop with a focus on my passion around photography & art.  I'll be using my original photos and editing them into cool artsy designs on a myriad of products.


I  love photography, capturing anything that catches my eyes, finding and showing the beauty in everything!  My collection consists of photos that I took from different places around the world from extensive travel.


All of my collections are all original photos.  I want to share them with anyone that enjoys the same art expression that I do.

Also featured in my collections are Print Reproduction from Original Paint on Canvas from various artists that I personally know.

Photos in New Zealand are contributed by Maristela Johansson, my good friend. 

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Message me for questions or customized products.

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